How to Travel with a Pregnancy Pillow – A Complete Guide for Happy Mothers to Be

Are you a mother-to-be and need to travel soon? Then, you must know that being comfortable during the journey is essential for you. A pregnancy pillow can fulfill your demand. But how to travel with a pregnancy pillow? Do you know anything about it?

Traveling with a pregnancy pillow ensures you get the rest and comfort you need during long trips. With its added support and warmth, a pregnancy pillow can make all the difference when traveling.

It would be best if you took the time to understand the different rules, regulations, and tips for traveling with your pregnancy pillow. It offers a safe, comfortable journey. In this article, I will cover what you need to know when traveling with a pregnancy pillow.

Why Bring a Pregnancy Pillow on Your Trip?

You must ensure you are as comfortable as possible if you are pregnant and traveling. In this case, a pregnancy pillow is an excellent choice for long trips. It supports your back, hips, and belly regions prone to aches and pains during pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows can protect you from the rocking motion of a train or the jostling of a car, making the journey much more enjoyable.

These pillows are also relatively lightweight and easy to transport. Most weigh between one and three pounds. So, they don’t take up too much space in your bag or carry-on luggage.

Portable versions are even easier to carry. Some models have built-in straps or handles for extra convenience. So, consider bringing your pregnancy pillow if you are on a long trip. It could make your journey more comfortable.

How to Travel with a Pregnancy Pillow – The Best Way to Pack It for Travel

Packing a travel pregnancy pillow is a vital part of traveling while pregnant. It will supply the comfort and support you need when on the go. So, you should know the right way to pack it.

How to Travel with a Pregnancy Pillow?
How to Travel with a Pregnancy Pillow?

You can follow these to make sure your pregnancy pillow travels safely:

  1. You should buy a travel pillowcase designed for packing purposes. It keeps the pillow clean and makes it easier to fit into your suitcase.
  2. Use a regular bed pillowcase with a zipper closure if you don’t have a travel pillowcase.
  3. Avoid stuffing your pregnancy pillow too full, which could compromise its shape and support when traveling.
  4. Place the thing in a large plastic bag or an airtight container to protect it from wet conditions during your travels. It will keep it from absorbing moisture from the environment.
  5. Ensure your pregnancy pillow is secured correctly within your suitcase. You can use extra straps or packing cubes for added stability during travel.

What to Consider Before Bringing a Pregnancy Pillow on Board

So now you know the benefits of traveling with your pregnancy pillow. Then, what must you consider before bringing it on board? Do you know how to pack a pregnancy pillow?

So now you know the benefits of traveling with your pregnancy pillow. Then, what must you consider before bringing it on board?

First, check if your airline or transportation provider allows passengers to carry pregnancy pillows. Some providers are strict regarding the items allowed on board. Similarly, some may make exceptions for medical reasons.

You should consider how easy it will be to fit the pillow in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines have rules and requirements for carry-on items. So make sure you understand the restrictions before packing your pregnancy pillow.

If traveling by car, consider packing it in a suitcase or duffel bag that can fit easily in the trunk or backseat.

Consider how comfortable and supportive the pregnancy pillow is for you. Depending on the required support and comfort, a smaller size may be more suitable for travel than a larger one. It also helps to try different positions during a test drive to know the most comfortable position when seated or relaxing during the trip.

Airline and Transportation Policies Related to Carrying Pregnancy Pillows

Consider airline and transportation policies related to carrying such pillows when packing and preparing to travel with a pregnancy pillow.

Most airlines and forms of transportation allow passengers to bring pregnancy pillows on board. But it can work till the pillow does not exceed the typical carry-on size limitations.

Your airline may also require that any additional items be stowed in the overhead bin or under your seat. So, double-check their specific policies before boarding.

Some transportation methods, like trains or buses, often provide limited space onboard. So it is a good idea to confirm if they allow passengers to bring additional items like pregnancy pillows.

If not, you should bring a pillow and take advantage of any provided amenities like pillows or blankets offered by your form of transportation.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow for Traveling

You should consider a few things to choose the right pregnancy pillow for traveling. The first is size. If traveling by plane, train, or bus, ensure the pillow is easy to carry and fits in your luggage.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow for Traveling
Choosing the Right Pregnancy Pillow for Traveling

Flying while pregnant internationally may require you to know the allowance of taking a pillow. Some airlines may allow you to bring certain-sized memory foam maternity pillows onto the plane. However, you must check properly with your airline provider before you travel.

Next, consider comfort. You want to ensure that the travel pillow for trains and others provides enough support and allows you to rest comfortably during your trip.

The pregnancy pillow plane is available in various shapes and sizes. So, take time to find one that correctly supports your needs.

Think about fabric material. Memory foam or other synthetic materials are generally best for travel because they are lightweight and provide superior comfort. Alternatively, down-filled pillows may be too heavy or bulky for traveling. So those might be better suited for home use only.

Overcoming Common Challenges When Traveling with a Pregnancy Pillow

Traveling with a pregnancy pillow can be a wonderful way to get the comfort and support you need for your growing baby belly. I suggest you not worry about potential challenges when traveling with a pregnancy pillow on a plane.

Some tips are here to help you overcome these common challenges:

Limited Luggage Space

If you only bring carry-on luggage, pack your pregnancy pillow in a carry-on or travel bag for pillows. It can maximize your space and make room for other items.

You can also compress the pregnancy pillow into its sealed bag. It will fit nicely into any suitcase or backpack.

Awkwardness When Using Pregnancy Pillows in Public

Feeling self-conscious when using your pregnancy pillow in public spaces, such as on an airplane or train, is normal.

Bring a pillow cover that matches the surrounding environment and people’s expectations of what it is to make yourself more comfortable. For example, bring a bright pink cover on an airplane with business travelers. It prevents unnecessary attention from you. Still, it provides benefits from using the pillow.

To put your mind at ease, remember that being comfortable is essential during your pregnancy journey.

Tips for Getting Comfortable With a Pregnancy Pillow While Traveling

Traveling with a pregnancy pillow can help you feel comfortable and supported while on the road. But adjusting and getting used to the new sleeping position is essential. Here are flying while pregnant tips for mothers:

Depending on the shape of your pregnancy pillow, it may be helpful to use smaller pillows as supplemental support. This way, you can get your body into the best position. Also, you can ensure your pregnancy pillow provides the support it should offer.

Using your pregnancy pillow for comfort during long flights or car rides is also great. It keeps your spine aligned correctly. Also, it can reduce neck strain from sleep positions you may not be used to during long travel sessions.

Some airlines even offer specialty pillows for pregnant travelers. So check before you board your flight.

Bringing a pregnant pillow into hotel rooms is a fantastic way to be comfortable if you are not home.

Your body most likely needs more support than a regular-sized travel pillow. So having a pregnancy pillow on hand can make a difference.

Ensure everything else in the room is comfortable – like enough space between the bed and wall. It will make traveling with a pregnancy pillow a bit easier.

Cleaning Tips for Taking Care of Your Pregnancy Pillow While on the Go

You should keep things clean and sanitary when traveling with your pregnancy pillow. Some tips are here for keeping your pregnancy pillow in good condition while on the go:

Washing Tips

For pillows filled with down or synthetic fibers, I recommend spot-cleaning. You can use a fabric cleaner and lint brush to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your pillow.

For memory foam or latex pillows, hand washing is best. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water to rinse the pillow before gently air drying it.

Packing Tips

When packing your pregnancy pillow for travel, use a waterproof bag that protects it from moisture and dirt. Avoid using plastic bags, as these don’t allow enough airflow to keep the pillow dry and mildew-free. Instead, you can select breathable fabric bags designed specifically for travel pillows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you bring a pregnancy pillow on a plane?
  • Yes, you can bring a pregnancy pillow on a plane. But you should know if your airline permits it or not. It is considered a comfort item and is allowed on board.
  • At what week should you start using a pregnancy pillow?
  • A. Most women start using a pregnancy pillow around 12-16 weeks. However, some women find it helpful to start using one earlier. Therefore, you should ask your doctor when to use a pregnancy pillow
  • Can I use a pregnancy pillow if I’m not pregnant?
  • Yes, you can use a pregnancy pillow even if you are not pregnant. They are designed to offer extra support and comfort to those who have difficulty sleeping. Many people find them useful for sleeping in any position and alleviating back and neck pain.
  • What is the best way to pack a pregnancy pillow for travel?
  • The best way to pack a pregnancy pillow for travel is to roll it up tightly and secure it with a strap or elastic band. You can then place it in a compression sack or vacuum-sealed bag to save space in your luggage. Alternatively, some pregnancy pillows come with their own carrying cases or bags that make it easy to transport them.
  • Can I use my pregnancy pillow while traveling by car?
  • Yes, you can use your pregnancy pillow while traveling by car. It can provide added comfort and support during long car rides. However, adjust the pillow’s positioning to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your seatbelt.
  • What are some alternative options to a pregnancy pillow for traveling?
  • If you don’t want to bring your pregnancy pillow while traveling, alternative options can provide similar comfort and support. Some options include using a regular pillow, a neck pillow, or a lumbar support cushion. These can be easily packed in a suitcase or carried on a plane as personal items.


So, now you know how to travel with a pregnancy pillow. After all, traveling with it can make you feel comfortable and secure. But you should keep things in mind that I have already described. Sometimes, you may need to check with your airline or transportation provider beforehand.

Maintaining all the precautions, you can freely travel with a pregnancy pillow without any problems.

Thanks for reading this blog. Now, find the best pregnancy pillow for travel and enjoy your moments.

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