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Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. And it should not hinder your career growth or style statement. Well, I understand the importance of balancing comfort and style in maternity workwear. In this blog, you will learn how to dress for work when pregnant.

When dressing for work while pregnant, numerous maternity workwear options are available. These include stretch ankle maternity jeggings, bi-stretch suiting straight-leg maternity pants, and maternity blazers. Comfortable footwear is also essential for attending the office.

After reading this blog, you’ll discover the best maternity workwear options professional and stylish pregnancy outfits. Also, I will share tips on adhering to the office dress code while embracing your growing bump.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dressing for work during pregnancy is all about finding the perfect balance between comfort and style.
  • Maternity workwear options should be versatile, allowing you to combiner different pieces to create new outfits.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the maternity dress code at your workplace, ensuring that your work outfits meet the required guidelines.
  • Styling tips for professional pregnancy outfits can help you create a chic and sophisticated look, even while pregnant.
  • Accessories are essential in completing any outfit, and comfortable and practical options are also available for maternity workwear.

What is the Maternity Dress Code?

As a working mom-to-be, you should ensure your growing bump does not compromise your professional image. But how can you dress professionally during pregnancy when your body changes daily?

Before you start building your maternity work wardrobe, it’s important to understand the maternity dress code in your workplace. This will help you determine what is expected of you and any guidelines that must be followed.

While some companies may have a specific maternity dress code, others may include pregnancy in their dress policy. It is essential to know the regulations. So you can navigate the office dress code with confidence.

How to Dress for Work When Pregnant
How to Dress for Work When Pregnant

When dressing professionally during pregnancy, consider clothing that is comfortable, practical, and tailored to your body shape as it changes. Consider incorporating maternity-friendly pieces such as empire waist dresses or tops, stretchy fabrics, and supportive footwear.

 Dressing professionally during pregnancy is about finding the balance between comfort and style. With some guidance and thoughtful planning, you can achieve both. Affordable maternity clothes can be found at H&M, ASOS, and Old Navy, while Hatch and Gap offer suitable options for work [1].

Dress Codes and Policies for Pregnant Employees

Pregnant employees are protected under federal law against pregnancy-based discrimination and harassment at work. It includes the right to work adjustments that will not jeopardize their health [2].

This protection extends to dress codes and grooming standards, where employers cannot discriminate based on sex, including pregnancy [3][4]. Employers must also provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers [5].

However, employers can generally dictate a standard of dress or a dress code for their employees as long as it does not discriminate or create a safety risk [6].

Building a Versatile Maternity Wardrobe

When it comes to dressing for work during pregnancy, having a versatile maternity wardrobe is key. You want to create a collection of pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create a variety of professional pregnancy outfits.

Here are some maternity workwear ideas to help you build a wardrobe that’s both stylish and practical:

Maternity PantsMaternity DressesMaternity BlousesMaternity Blazers
Invest in a few pairs of comfortable maternity pants that can be dressed up or down. Look for styles with a stretchy waistband and breathable fabric.Maternity dresses are a pregnancy wardrobe essential. Opt for styles that are both comfortable and professional, such as wrap dresses or shift dresses.A few maternity blouses can be the foundation of many outfits. Choose styles with vibrant prints or bold colors that can be paired with neutral pants or skirts.Investing in a couple of maternity blazers is a great way to elevate a basic outfit. Look for styles with a tailored fit that can be worn open or buttoned up.

When selecting professional pregnancy outfits, it’s important to consider the fabric of the clothing. Lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon are ideal for staying cool and comfortable throughout the workday.

Styling Tips for Professional Pregnancy Outfits

When creating professional pregnancy outfits, there are a few key styling tips to remember. These tips will help you feel comfortable and confident while dressing for success during pregnancy.

Choose Comfortable Fabrics

One of the most important things to consider when building a maternity work wardrobe is the fabrics you choose. Opt for comfortable, stretchy materials to accommodate your growing bump while maintaining a polished look. Look for items like jersey dresses, knit blazers, and stretchy trousers.

Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Accessories can take any outfit to the next level; the same is true regarding maternity workwear. Adding a statement piece can elevate your outfit and show off your style, whether it’s a bold necklace, statement earrings, or a colorful scarf.

Layer Smartly

Layers are a great way to add depth and dimension to your maternity outfits. But it’s important to do so smartly. Avoid bulky layers that add unnecessary weight to your frame and opt for lighter, breathable layers that can be easily removed.

Choose Versatile Pieces

When building a maternity work wardrobe, choosing pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple outfits is important. Look for items like a classic black dress, a tailored blazer, or a pair of neutral trousers that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Your Bump

Finally, one of the most important things about professional pregnancy outfits is to embrace your bump! Choose items that highlight your growing belly and show off your curves. It will help you feel more comfortable in your clothes and more confident in your own skin.

With these styling tips in mind, you can create professional and chic maternity outfits perfect for the workplace. Remember, dressing for success during pregnancy is all about finding the right balance between style and comfort!

Maternity Fashion for Business Casual Environments

Finding stylish and comfortable maternity work clothes can be challenging, especially when your workplace has a business casual dress code. However, with a few tricks and tips, you can create both functional and fashionable professional maternity outfits.

Start by investing in a few key pieces, such as a comfortable yet stylish pair of maternity pants and a classic blouse that can be dressed up or down. Layering is also key, so consider adding a blazer or cardigan to complete your look. A wrap dress can also be a versatile and stylish option for a business casual environment.

Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Look for stretch and structure materials, such as Ponte or knit fabrics. Avoid anything too tight or constricting, which can be uncomfortable and unflattering.

Maternity Fashion Tips for Business Casual Environments
Invest in a few key maternity pieces, such as pants and blouses, that can be mixed and matched.
Layer with a blazer or cardigan for a polished look.
Choose materials that provide both stretch and structure for maximum comfort.
A wrap dress can be a versatile and stylish option for a business casual environment.

Regarding accessories, a comfortable pair of flats or low heels can be a practical and stylish choice. Opt for a spacious tote or backpack to carry all your work essentials while keeping your hands free.

Remember, dressing professionally during pregnancy doesn’t mean sacrificing style or comfort. With a few key pieces and creative styling, you can create stylish work outfits for pregnancy that keep you confident and empowered.

Maternity Workwear for Different Industries

There are several options for maternity workwear for healthcare professionals.

  • Amazon offers a collection of maternity work clothes designed to fit and flatter during pregnancy, including a corporate black maternity blazer.
  • Tiffany Rose also provides a range of maternity workwear such as the Kate Long Sleeve Maternity Top and the Lia Slim Fit Maternity Trouser.
  • For healthcare professionals specifically, Cherokee offers maternity scrub pants designed for comfort and a professional look.
  • Additionally, FIGS provides a variety of comfortable and stylish scrubs.
  • Motherhood Maternity also offers a range of maternity work clothes, including the popular Skinny Ankle Pant.

Affordable maternity work clothes can be found at various retailers. Motherhood Maternity offers items such as leggings and pants ranging from $24.50 to $56.60, with discounts in the cart.

Amazon also provides options like the Women’s Over the Belly Dress Pant for Work, priced at $30.00. Other options include Briggs Pull-on Ankle Pant, which starts at $27 and the Star Vixen Midi Full Skater Skirt, which starts at $18.

Navigating Formal Office Attire during Pregnancy

Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from looking chic and sophisticated at work. If your workplace maintains a formal dress code, you can still look professional and feel comfortable during this special time. Here are some tips to keep in mind when navigating formal office attire during pregnancy:

Dress for Your Shape

As your body changes throughout pregnancy, finding clothing that fits and flatters your shape is important. Look for tailored pieces, like blazers and dresses that accentuate your curves without feeling restrictive. Opt for fabrics with some stretch to ensure comfort while retaining a polished look.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Accessories can elevate any outfit, but they should also serve a practical purpose during pregnancy. Choose comfortable yet stylish shoes, such as low-heel pumps or supportive flats, to help alleviate any discomfort you may experience. Consider investing in a stylish maternity belt to cinch your waist and show off your bump.

Consider Elegant Maternity Dresses

A sophisticated maternity dress can be the perfect choice for formal occasions or important meetings. Look for dresses made from stretchy, comfortable fabrics that won’t constrict you or your growing baby. Choose neutral or classic colors, like black or navy, for a timeless appeal.

Don’t Be Afraid of Tailored Maternity Suits

A tailored maternity suit can make a powerful statement if you work in a more conservative industry. Choose a suit in a classic color, such as black or gray, and pair it with a colorful blouse or statement jewelry to add personality. Look for suits made from stretchy, breathable fabrics that will allow you to move and breathe comfortably.

Tips for Dressing Professionally in Different Trimesters

Dress codes and policies for pregnant employees are protected under federal law. It ensures pregnant workers are not discriminated against and have the right to work adjustments[7]. However, here are some tips to help you dress professionally throughout each trimester of your pregnancy.

First Trimester

You may not yet have a visible baby bump during the first trimester. However, you may still experience bloating or tenderness in your breasts. Stick to your usual size for now, but consider loose clothing to accommodate any changes in your body.

You may also invest in a few pairs of comfortable, stretchy pants or leggings, which can be dressed in a blazer or a cozy sweater. Flowy blouses and wrap dresses are recommended as they grow with the belly [8].

Second Trimester

By the second trimester, your bump will likely start to show, and you may notice an increase in your bust size. Embrace your changing body and show off your bump with fitted tops or dresses that accentuate your curves. Maxi dresses with empire waists are a great option for comfort and style. Look for dresses made of breathable fabrics like cotton or jerseys to keep you cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester, your bump will be at its largest. So, you’ll likely want even more comfort in your clothing. Consider investing in a few maternity dresses to accommodate your growing belly and provide plenty of room for movement. Look for dresses that can be layered with blazers or cardigans for a professional look. You may also want to invest in comfortable, supportive shoes to ease any aches and pains in your feet.

Remember, comfort is key when dressing for work during pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors until you find what works best for you and your body.

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Comfortable and Practical Maternity Accessories

Accessories are an essential part of any outfit, including maternity workwear. As a pregnant professional, you may need to adjust your accessories to accommodate your changing body and unique needs. Here are some tips on finding comfortable and practical maternity accessories that will elevate your work outfits:

  1. Supportive footwear: Invest in comfortable shoes that adequately support your feet. Look for low-heeled options with cushioned soles to ease discomfort or swelling in your feet. Flats or loafers are also great options for a professional yet comfortable look. For pregnant professionals seeking comfort and support, several shoe options are recommended. I suggest you buy Dr. Scholl’s Shoes and Naturalizer Women’s Loafer are suggested for office wear.
  2. Functional bags: Opt for a tote or crossbody bag that comfortably holds all your work essentials. Make sure it has enough compartments to keep everything organized and easily accessible. A backpack could also be a comfortable option if you need to carry a heavier load.
  3. Maternity belts: These accessories are designed to support your growing bump, minimize discomfort, and provide additional back and pelvic support. They come in various styles, materials, and sizes to fit your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Belly bands: Another option for extra support is a belly band, which provides gentle compression and helps evenly distribute your bump’s weight evenly. It also allows you to wear your regular pants or skirts longer by covering the waistband or gaps.
  5. Jewelry: Adding statement jewelry pieces can complement your business attire while drawing attention away from your bump. Avoid chunky or heavy pieces that may feel uncomfortable or get in the way of your work.

Regarding accessories, comfort and practicality should be your top priority. With the right accessories, you can enhance your style and feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.


As a soon-to-be mom, figuring out how to dress for work during pregnancy can be challenging. However, with the right tips and tricks, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By prioritizing comfort and style, you can create a professional maternity wardrobe that makes you feel confident and empowered.

Remember, understanding the maternity dress code in your workplace is crucial. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the expectations and guidelines. So you can dress appropriately for your professional environment.

Building a versatile maternity wardrobe is also essential. Ensure you have essential items, including maternity pants, dresses, blouses, and blazers. These pieces can be easily mixed and matched to create stylish and professional pregnancy outfits.

Styling tips can also help elevate your maternity workwear. Experiment with layering, accessorizing, and incorporating statement pieces to create chic and polished pregnancy outfits.

Adapt your maternity workwear to support your changing shape as your pregnancy progresses. Comfort and practical clothing, including supportive footwear and functional bags, can help make your professional life more comfortable and enjoyable.

Don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement. Embrace your baby bump and let your personality shine in the workplace with a stylish and comfortable work wardrobe. With these tips, dressing professionally with a baby bump is a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I dress professionally for work when I’m pregnant?

A: Dressing professionally during pregnancy is all about finding the right maternity workwear that combines style and comfort. Look for tailored pieces, stretchy fabrics, and maternity-specific clothing options that flatter your growing bump while maintaining a professional appearance.

Q: What should I consider when navigating the maternity dress code at my workplace?

A: Familiarize yourself with the expectations and guidelines of the maternity dress code in your workplace. Pay attention to any specific requirements for office wear during pregnancy, such as the length of skirts or types of footwear. It will help you dress appropriately while accommodating your changing body.

Q: How can I build a versatile maternity wardrobe for work?

A: Building a versatile maternity wardrobe involves selecting essential pieces that can be mixed and matched for different work outfits. Look for maternity pants, dresses, blouses, and blazers that can be easily integrated into your work attire. Opt for fabrics that provide comfort and stretch while maintaining a polished look.

Q: What are some styling tips for professional pregnancy outfits?

A: When styling professional pregnancy outfits, consider accessorizing, layering, and incorporating statement pieces to elevate your maternity workwear. Strike a balance between comfort and style, ensuring you feel confident and empowered in the workplace. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Q: How can I adapt my maternity wardrobe for a business casual environment?

A: If your workplace follows a business casual dress code, explore stylish alternatives to traditional business attire. Look for comfortable yet professional pieces such as maternity dresses, skirts, and tops that exude confidence and professionalism. Embrace fashion-forward options that align with the business casual environment.

Q: What are some tips for dressing professionally during pregnancy in a formal office environment?

A: To dress appropriately in a formal office environment during pregnancy, consider sophisticated maternity options for formal occasions and corporate events. Explore elegant maternity gowns, tailored suits, and accessories that will make you feel polished and refined while accommodating your changing shape.

Q: How can I dress professionally in different trimesters?

A: Adapt your maternity workwear to support your changing shape as your pregnancy progresses. Look for business casual maternity clothes and work-appropriate pregnancy looks that accommodate your growing bump. Find the right fit and embrace styles that flatter your figure at each stage of your pregnancy.

Q: What are some comfortable and practical maternity accessories for the workplace?

A: Accessories can enhance your style while accommodating your pregnancy needs. Look for supportive footwear that provides comfort throughout the workday. Consider functional bags that can carry your essentials and add a touch of personality to your professional maternity outfits. Choose accessories that prioritize both comfort and style.

Q: How can I create a professional maternity wardrobe that is both stylish and comfortable?

A: Following the tips and suggestions in this guide, you can create a professional maternity wardrobe that allows you to feel confident, stylish, and comfortable throughout your pregnancy journey. Embrace your baby bump and make a fashion statement in the workplace with expert tips on maternity workwear.

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